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After many experiences and much research, I developed a unique, beneficial reiki energy healing technique that will assist individuals to become “Awake” and “Aware” of the energy and power within themselves. A tool that will also promote independence while helping you become more self-aware…Utilizing your energy and power to heal from within. Remember, we are, “Universal Life Energy”! EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!
It is with great honor that I am now introducing, “Reconnective Reiki Therapy (RRT).

People who have tried RRT have shared their experience as being very effective and quite interesting. It has shown to be such remarkable experience for them because they, unknowingly, have never experienced their own holistic healing abilities.

In-person or Online sessions are available.

Reconnective vs. Traditional Reiki

Usually, the idea is to contact a practitioner to get assistance through Reiki. Using someone else’s energy to do what can be performed by self.

In the past, I have used Reiki to help others to balance any misaligned chakras or issues. In utilizing Reiki, the practitioner uses the lay of hands to transfer universal life energy from themselves to the client. Although this practice is beneficial, I feel that it is more advantageous for the person to heal and empower themselves. Giving the person full reign of control and knowledge of healing themselves on a spiritual level. That is the focal point of Reconnective Reiki Therapy. TO LEARN HOW TO HEAL AND RECONNECT TO OURSELVES!

Reconnective Reiki Therapy is a combination of Reiki (Knowing that you are the Universal Life Energy) and a deep state of relaxation. Moreover, RRT allows oneself to disconnect and destroy any attachments lodged in the auric field, of the host, by other low vibrational beings.

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How It Works

We have within ourselves the ability to change ourselves from a low vibrational state (Mental /Emotional and physical illness) to a high vibrational level (Success and good health, etc.). Most importantly, the bonus of using RRT is to become the best you, independently.

Low frequency beings can attach to us mimicking entities that we know of such as angels, spiritual guides, big brothers or sometimes family members and etc.

These beings use the host (you) as a battery of sorts to gain strength and control. Mainly, they target very powerful energy areas throughout your body such as your sexual energy (Sacral Chakra). As they or it feeds on your energy, powerful negative feelings such as anger, frustration, hate and the most destructive emotions e.g. (suicidal thoughts, or wanting to hurt someone or yourself) are produced! This, of course, makes you feel very unbalanced and miserable. Commonly, the Root Chakra allows our body to connect with the earth’s energy and to empower our soul/spirit.

The next part of Reconnective Reiki Therapy is assisting the client to gain a deep state of relaxation to allow the conscious mind to detach from life’s daily challenges and anxieties. In this state, the subconscious part of the mind creatively responds to guidance and imagery. It allows the person to focus, in the most opportune ways, to change any unwanted and/or residual effects without rationalizing thoughts. In other words, the person can let things flow naturally through the subconscious mind without force or analysis. The mind is very strong and powerful. Remember that “WE ARE WHAT WE THINK “. It can focus and produce what is required to repair your cells, to read your DNA, and much more.

Awesome Experience!

“I moved here 5 months ago from Las Vegas where Reiki was very important in my life. So happy to have been guided to Adrianna. I had an excellent private session and am so relieved to have found a practitioner who is so gifted! I am so happy that I have found a good place for reiki in The Villages. Can’t wait for my next session!”

Reiki and Hot Flashes

“Reiki was new to me and was I skeptical about trying it? Yes, but I tried it because I was to a point of no return with “Hot Flashes”. I had tried so many over the counter meds, herbs and oils nothing worked for me. Then I went to GONZA and talked to the lady that worked there her name is Addrianna, she explained so much to me about ” REIKI ” and I was nervous but I made a appointment for a couple days later and tried it out. During the next week the hot flashes I experienced we’re not as severe. So I already had a appointment for the following week and tried it again. Another week passed and another REIKI session and I was starting to feel so much better. I just want to thank Addrianna for all her care and skills she is Amazing. She has made the Quality of my life so much better. Other aches and pains are gone now and I feel human again. Thank you Gonza (Andrianna)” – Sherri Cain


I really felt very relaxed when I was receiving reiki and enjoyed my experience with Adriana. I would most certainly recommend this service for over all healing and balancing of energy.” – Tricia P.


“Adriana is awesome and very professional! She really does know what she’s doing. At first, I didn’t think it would work but after 3 sessions with her, I feel such a difference with my body. Definitely recommend! Will try regressive hypnotherapy next.
Gabriella Young

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