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Healing Your Past

I help to revisit and resolve past events in your present life that are interfering with your wellbeing and happiness.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Søren Kierkegaard

In-person or Online sessions are avaialble.

You May Want to Ask

What is regressive hypnotherapy and what is it for?

To give a clear answer to the meaning of regressive hypnotherapy, it is important to take into consideration the meaning of each of the words that compose it. In the first place we have:

  1. Regressive – Returning to previous state
  2. Hypnotherapy – guided hypnosis, or a trance-like state of focus and concentration achieved with the help of a clinical hypnotherapist.
  3. Hypnosis, its origin from the Greek and it refers to a deity “Hypnos” that in the Greek culture personified the “sleep” and + osis “condition”, by 1876 hypnosis has been used as an artificially induced condition.

 Regressive hypnotherapy is a technique that uses hypnosis as a tool to induce a person into a deep state of relaxation or trance in order to access information that is not normally available in the conscious mind.
Through regressive hypnotherapy and with the help of a hypnotherapist we can focus on areas of conflict and other potentially negative aspects in our lives that must be examined and resolved. Such as: Traumatic memories, sleep disorders, addictions, stress, fears, phobias and compulsions, relationships conflicts, bipolar disorders, cancer, self-confidence,  mental/emotional trauma, anxiety, abductions, erectile dysfunction, pain management, alcohol and drugs problems, depression,  physical symptoms, unrevealed emotional problems,
any kind of magic and so on.

With regressive hypnotherapy you will be able to gain new perspectives helping you to understand the unimaginable with the causes and effects that are active in your life.

What are the steps to follow in Hypnotherapy?

The steps to follow in the regressive hypnotherapy session are very simple.

  1. Before starting a Regressive Hypnotherapy session, it is important that the person has previously established the intention and purpose of the session.

  2. Transmit to the hypnotherapist the points to examine and resolve. This is important so that the hypnotherapist can understand your case and focus on it when you are in a deep state of relaxation / or trance.

  3. In this third step, after having collected the information, the hypnotherapist will begin the relaxation or trance induction stage. At this stage, the client will initially begin to experience relaxation until reaching a deep state where the subconscious part of the mind is in the best disposition to respond.

  4. In the fourth stage through the guidance of the hypnotherapist and based on the information that you have provided, the exploration begins, and consequently the examination of the points to be resolved. At this point, the person can achieve and carry out the initially stated objectives and/or intentions.

  5. Once the time has passed, which should not exceed two hours at most, the person is brought back here and now establishing a new pattern of energies and vibratory frequencies, here at this point you will feel how your return in full light, peace, love, and harmony.
Can Regressive Hypnotherapy bring back repressed memories?

Regressive hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to help people access those “buried and/or repressed” memories, we all have memories or experiences in our unconscious mind that we don’t remember, and of course they still play an important role in our lives.
when we access our own world through Regressive Hypnotherapy, we allow the mind to travel more easily through the dimension of no time and no space.
Most people who have already had the opportunity to perform regressive hypnotherapy sessions explain the experience as watching a movie and comment, “how powerful is the mind that houses that part called memory that works like a video camera recording everything that happens to us”.
Similarly, most clients have testified that forgotten or repressed memories have been unlocked through regressive hypnotherapy, thus giving them quality of life in all aspects physically, mentally, and emotionally.

How does hypnotherapy really work?

Regressive hypnotherapy focuses on the areas of conflict that the person has previously established as potentially negative and/or dysfunctional to present to the hypnotherapist before a session.
This information previously presented to the hypnotherapist is used to help recall events and/or situations, with specific details that can be used through objective observation to understand and assimilate their true meaning (for example, recurring dreams).
Certainly, regressive hypnotherapy is a very powerful psychological tool to dive into the deepest parts of the mind.

What are the most common reasons or problems that motivate people to turn to regressive hypnotherapy?
  • In this regard, I can say that there are many reasons why a person seeks help in regressive hypnotherapy, below I am referring to some of the points most mentioned to the hypnotherapist before the session.
  • My romantic relationships are a failure and I always end up choosing the worst, I feel very insecure.
  • My relationship with my family and friends is very bad, I get irritated easily and everything makes me uncomfortable, that’s why I’ve been left alone.
  • I have sleep paralysis and feel sexually abused; on a few occasions I have experienced orgasms and woke up upset, confused, tired, and energetically depleted, I want to know what is going on.
  • I think I have had abduction experiences because, when I wake up, I only have a very slight memory of strange creatures, and I feel threatened, and this causes me insomnia and a lot of fear of going to sleep.
  • I was abused as a child, and I have not been able to overcome the trauma, even though I have gone to different therapies. I want to heal; I want to finally have a better quality of life and have a healthy relationship with my partner.
  • I sleep with the light on, and even so, my nights are terrible and terrifying, I live in constant fear, and nothing goes right for me.
    Sometimes when I’m at home strange things happen, for example, I hear unusual noises and voices, objects moving, sometimes I also feel very cold and as if someone was chasing me.
  • I can’t concentrate, I feel like my head is going to exploit, it’s like a carnival of negative, hostile, and very aggressive thoughts, to the point of wanting to commit suicide or hurt someone.
  • I have a problem with drug and alcohol addiction. I thought I could solve it on my own, but these addictions have gotten out of my hands.
  • My body does not respond to diets, instead of losing weight I am gaining more weight, and of course, my self-esteem is very low.

For these and many more reasons, regressive hypnotherapy has been widely accepted, especially by those people who, “in general terms” want to achieve a stable physical, mental, and emotional state of well-being.

How many hypnotherapy sessions are necessary?
The number of sessions necessary to resolve a deep conflict of the soul will always depend on oneself, the severity of the conflict and other current, attitudinal and environmental aspects of the person. It takes a certain time to assimilate what is experienced in the first regression. There is no need to hurry to make a second. Knowing how to digest not only intellectually, but emotionally and experientially what one feels, sees and experiences in the first regression is necessary before continuing to advance in the therapy.
Can a person be forced to do something they do not want under Hypnosis?
Definitely not. It is not possible to force the person under hypnosis to do something that goes against their will or their principles
Does hypnotherapy only work on a psychological level, or does it work on a physical level as well?

It works wonderfully in both cases, both physically and psychologically.
The limits of Hypnotherapy are quite difficult to find because what today seems to be a limit, tomorrow is discovered that there was a way to overcome it. In other words, the power of Hypnotherapy reaches as far as the power of the mind comes and who knows the limits of the power of the mind?

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