6 Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses with 8″ Salt Plate


More Uses for the Himalayan Salt Plates

The  gift set comes with a salt plate/serving stone which has countless uses including:
Serving vegetables (try slicing up a tomato or cucumber and serving straight from the stone), or placing the stone on the stove or grill to cook a steak with the perfect amount of seasoning.
One of our favorites is serving sushi or fish after freezing it.
Both the glasses and the plates are food-grade salt; once they wear out you can use a spice grader to make your Himalayan table salt or break it up for saltwater sole.



The best way to use it

  • Tequila and salt usually mean shooters.
  • Drink it at once for the best taste.
  • Suck on the lemon or lime wedge.
  • Repeat it as many times as you wish.
  • Just quickly rinse it with water and dry with a paper towel before putting it away.

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