Do you suffer from seasonal allergies or hay fever? If so, you are among an estimated 40-60 million Americans. Pollen from trees, weeds,blooming flowers and freshly cut grass are responsible for the most common allergens occurring in the spring and summer. 


Seasonal allergies, medically known as allergic rhinitis, include an array of symptoms from sneezing, stuffy and runny nose to scratchy throats and itchy/watery eyes. Depending on the person, sensitivities and reactions can range from slightly irritating to downright debilitating – thus negatively disrupting normal daily routines. 

Although there is a plethora of over- and under-the-counter drug options available, they also come with a slew of unwelcome side effects. These include: drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, blurred vision, stomach upset, and dry mouth/nose/throat and they can also interact negatively with other medications.
Halotherapy (Salt Room Therapy) is an all-natural, safe, and inexpensive drug-free remedy for not only seasonal allergies, but many other respiratory ailments. A halogenerator distributes a dry aerosol of pharmaceutical grade salt, sodium bicarbonate, mint and eucalyptus into a relaxing treatment room
for 45 minutes. Most clients only require treatment once a week to help combat these wicked allergy symptoms, thus reducing the need for inhalers, steroids, and pharmaceutical medications.  
















































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